Why OrangeFox?


OrangeFox protects your files from disaster. Password protection allows you to protect your device from unauthorized access.

MiUI OTA support

OrangeFox has built-in support for incremental MIUI OTA updates. You will always get updated with minimal effort.



OrangeFox is the most functional recovery in the world, with flashlight, built-in patches, and many more features for your device.


OrangeFox is FREE!

OrangeFox is free software. We use the GPL licence, and all of our sources are available on our GitLab page.



We are always open to the community. You can get support and request features in our telegram group.



OrangeFox has a lot of customization settings. You are able to customize OrangeFox as you like.


OrangeFox can decrypt your files and data for you. You will not lose your files.


Easy and simple to use

OrangeFox is pretty easy to use. Enjoy!

OrangeFox screenshots